This is one of the better Malayalam movies of 2002, with a touching storyline written and directed by Ranjit. With Prithviraj and Navya Nair in the lead roles, it has an excellent supporting cast with Kaviyoor Ponamma, Innocent, Revathi, Jagathy, Siddique, Jyotirmayi and others. The story is set in a typical Nair tharvadu, where Manu (Prithviraj), a software engineer, set to go to the United Sates, comes home to bid farewell to his mother Thangam (Revathi) and his beloved grandmother, (Kaviyoor Ponnama). Here he meets Balamani (Navya Nair) the maid and falls in love with her. Though from the plot it may seem to be the usual rich boy, poor girl love story, the excellent handling of the story by the Director has made it into a movie worth watching. There are a lot of humorous situations and some scenes that tug at your heartstrings and the ending of the movie has an unusual twist. The romantic scenes are lovely and natural. The comical situations are fun and entertaining. Life in a traditional household in rural Kerala is well portrayed.

The movie helped launch Prithviraj in the Malayalam film industry and he plays his role with panache and shows that he is not a debutant in the film. Navya Nair has excelled in one of her best roles ever. Music has been handled by Raveendran and is melodious, hummable and classy. Lyrics have been written by Girish Puthencherry and this Malayalam movie has most of the top singers like Yesudas, Chitra, Sujatha, Jayachandran and Sreekumar rendering some beautiful songs. Though the film hit theatres in 2002, its popularity has endured over time, and it a must see film for viewers of on line Malayalam films.

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