This Malayalam Movie, though produced nearly a decade ago, is one of the biggest box office hits starring Mammootty. Written by Ranjith and directed by Shaji Kailas, the film was released under the banner of Ambalakkara Films.

The story is that Areckal Madhavanunni, played by Mammootty, wins a court case against his uncle Kuttikrishnan and gets back his ancestral home. The uncle who had been illegally holding and occupying the place. Shivaraman played by Saikumar, the son of Kuttikrishnan, is not happy at the turn of events and decides to take revenge by killing Madhavanunni. For this purpose he uses the services of Nedungadi (Bheeman Raghu), a well known local thug. The story is about how Madhavanunni, who is a successful business man, keeps his foes at bay and protects his family and its honor.

The film has many sub-plots to fill in the reel space, as the main story is simple and straight forward. With an adequate number of fight sequences and songs, this Malayalam Movie still proves to be a pot boiler. Siddique, Kalabhavan Mani, Innocent, Poornima Mohan, Captain Raju and others all play supporting roles. Shobana returns to Malayalam films after a gap, playing the role of Mammootty’s wife. The music for the movie is directed by Mohan Sitara with lyrics written by Girish Puthencherry. You can see this film on Malayalam Movies Online.


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