The Malayalam Movie  Kunjikoonan is based on the play ‘Vikalanga Varsham’ by Benny P. Nayarammbalam and is the story of Kunjan (Dilip), who is a hunchback and a cripple. He lives in a rural area where he runs a telephone booth. Despite his handicap, which he handles with wry humour in the face of ridicule from some, he has the normal aspirations of a young man. He possesses great moral strength and has high principles, and is an uncomplicated, simple person at heart. Desiring to get married, he goes bride hunting with his friend Thomas (Cochin Haneefa), providing some comic scenes.

Contrarily Karthik, a college student (also played by Dileep), is violent by nature and in love with his classmate Priya (Manya). Kunjan meets Priya and promises to help her marry the man she desires, but she meets an unfortunate death. Her eyes are donated to a poor blind orphan Shenbagam (Navya Nair). Over time Kunjan falls in love with Shenbagam, but Kartik feels she is his as she has Priya’s eyes. The question is who will eventually win Shenbagam.

This Malayalam movie has the ingredients of ‘popular cinema,’ but the story of a physically challenged person is handled very well. It is not a tear jerker, but one which has humour, pathos and comic situations.  Kunjan comes through as a convincing character who possesses courage and forbearance.

The film was written and directed by Shashi Shanker and has Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar and Sai Kumar in supporting roles. The cinematography is by Saloo George and Mohan Sitara has composed the music. You can rent the Malayalam movie on line.

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