This Malayalam Movie, produced by Thampi Abraham, is directed by Vinu Anand and has been released through Jaas Saaj productions in July 2012. Lyrics for the film are written by Santhosh Varma and the music has been directed by Benny Ignatius. The film stars Bhagath Manuel and Saranya Mohan along with Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Vaniya, Lakshmi Priya, Suraj Venjaramood, Undapakru and others.

Harikrishnan is a well known person in his village, Chennanikara. He lives with his widowed sister and their children as two families in a joint household. Innocent plays Harikrishnan, the male head of the family, while KPAC Lalitha plays his sister. He is very possessive about his daughter, to the extent that he even starts looking for a son-in-law who can come and stay with their family. Their lives are suddenly changed by the arrival of another family which comes to stay close to where they live.

The film is a family drama on the lives and tribulations of the different members within this joint family. How others neighbors living within the vicinity influence and change their lives, is brought out in this Malayalam Movie.  There is adequate humor thrown in with Innocent, Suraj Venjaramood and others included in the cast.

The film, which is shot mostly in the beautiful district of Alleppey, shows how life goes on in an ordinary family in rural Kerala. The beauty of Kerala’s backwaters has been splendidly captured through the camera work of the cinematographer Anand Balakrishnan.You can see it on New Malayalam Movies Online.

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