Karumadikuttan, a Malayalam movie released in 2001, was produced by Samson J. Paanaadan and directed by Vinayan. The story and screenplay were handled by Vinayan himself whilst the cinematography was by Azhagappan.  The music, was composed by Mohan Sithara. The cast has Kalabhavan Mani and Nandini in the lead, supported by Bharati, Janardhan, Saikumar, Suresh Krishna and others.

Kalabhavan Mani plays the role of Karumadikuttan, called so because of his dark complexion, a thirty year old man who has the mental age of a ten year old child. He has a very endearing nature and is well liked in the village, but is paid a pittance for the odd jobs he does. Life is a struggle, but he carries on cheerfully with no ill will. Nandinikutty (Nandini), Karumadikuttan’s cousin, who he has a soft corner for, is a college student engaged to her professor. The village landlord’s son, a womanizer, fancies Nandinikutty and when rejected, ruins her life. The rest of the movie follows her travails and how Karumadikuttan helps and supports her, and slowly wins her heart.

Kalabhavan Mani, who is a very versatile actor, has portrayed the role of a lovable, mentally challenged person to perfection. This is one of Kalabhavan Mani’s earliest movies where he has played the lead role, and established himself as a good actor. Nandini too has put in a creditable performance. The movie was a great hit and was remade in other languages. The songs from the  movie are extremely popular. This movie is available if you want to watch Malayalam movies online.

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