This unconventional Malayalam Movie with a bold theme has been produced by P.A.Sebastian and directed by V.K.Prakash. The cinematography for the film is by Pradeep Nair. The film was released in September 2012 under the banner of Times Ads Entertainment.

The story, written by Anoop Menon, is about the Trivandrum Lodge which is located at Kochi and the people residing there. The lodge belongs to Ravishankar, played by Anoop Menon, who is a wealthy widower with a young son. Among the residents, there is Abdu, played by Jayasurya who is illiterate and works as driver to a rich businessman. He also doubles up as a masseur at the local Spa in addition to doing odd jobs. Saiju Kurup plays Shibu Vellayani who is a reporter working for a failing film magazine.  K.Balachander plays Kora a retired government clerk who boasts of his sexual exploits and declares his thousandth affair will be with a policewoman. The oldest residents are Realton (Janardhan), a piano teacher and Peggy Aunty, played by Sukumari who manages the lodge’s canteen. Into this world arrives Dhwani, a writer and a divorcee played by Honey Rose who comes to the lodge with gay abandon and the intention to ‘live it up’.

After the runaway success of the film ‘Beautiful’, the same team has come up with thisMalayalam Movie.  It would appeal to younger audiences as it deals with each character’s life and their natural feelings about sex, love, desire and inhibitions, in a very open manner, hitherto not attempted in Malayalam films. These have mostly been portrayed in the form of open converations, values, lifestyle and the personal choices of each of the characters. The dialogs are hilarious, and rendered wonderfully by the actors. The lyrics written by Rajeev Nair and Rafeeq Ahammed have been set to music by M.Jayachandran and the song “Kilikal Parannatho” needs special mention. Jayasurya is outstanding in his role of Abdu. All the actors have delivered commendably natural performances. You can see this film when you Rent New Malayalam Movies Online.

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