Directed by TK Rajeev, this Malayalam Movie is about television reality shows. The film is the Malayalam version of the “Truman Show,” which is very popular in the USA. The film was released by Reel to Reel Cine Productions.

The storyline is that a television company decides to have a live telecast of the life of Manjula Ayyappan (Nithya Menon) in a show named ‘Thal Samayam Oru Pennkutti’. The television crew follows her around and records everything that she does. The reality show involves the people who hover around and some who watch the show including KPAC Lalitha, a lonely mother. Siddique and Baburaj play high-ups in the television field, and are shown as manipulators who try to get higher viewership and in turn more sponsors for their show. Romance has been thrown in with Manjula Ayyappan falling for Surya played by Unni Mukundan. Shweta Menon plays the role of Zarina, the producer of the show.

The script for the film is weak and it fails to enthrall the audience. The story becomes very predictable and uninteresting as the movie moves forward. The film also takes a dig at other weepy TV soap programs that are being broadcast on television.

The film is to an extent saved because of the talent of the upcoming actress Nithya Menon. With her wide eyed expressions and her sincerity coming across beautifully in her movies, she has shown that she is growing in confidence as an actress. Sharath Vasudevan’s music in this Malayalam Movie is truly outstanding. One song by Chitra ‘Ponnodu Poovai’ is excellent. You can hear the music on New Malayalam Movies online.

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